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Welcome to Pacifica CERT!


Earthquakes, floods, or tsunamis are just some examples of unpredictable disasters.

Where will your family be when disaster strikes? At work, school, shopping or in the car? How will you find each other or know if your children are safe?

Disasters occur suddenly, without warning and can force you to evacuate your neighborhood or be confined to your home.

While very few people have the ability to predict disasters, everyone has the ability to prepare for them. Pacifica CERTS are more prepared than most.  CERTs know what supplies to have on hand and they have a plan.  Should disaster strike, CERT members will be able to help themselves, their families, their neighbors and then be able to assist in the community.

CERT members are trained to work together as a team.  Those CERT members with additional training may also assist in the Medical or Communication teams.  They will all be able to work with other first-responders throughout Pacifica to help recover after a disaster.

Together, we're helping to make Pacifica a more prepared and safer place to live, work and play.